force of energy, fire of motion

Twelve hours of delicious connection, sharing, and exploration followed by three of cuddling and unconsciousness. A blur of time sharing tea at Cherrywood Coffee, eating dinner at Counter Culture, wandering and driving around the city discovering new nooks, crannies, sights, sounds…as a carefully-crafted playlist plays, as a mix of reminiscence and presents suffuse the air, we are lost and free in joy and depth of intimacy as layers and tales unveil themselves in words elegant and prolific.

Thick sexual tension borne distinctly of that effortless, easy intimacy –  that hangs in the air between you. Distance and boundaries. A hunger that grows so strongly that coming within a foot of the other’s person’s field is a paralysis of joy…and where a simple goodnight hug becomes a thrilling orgasm in itself.

“This one night I want to…talk as if this night would last forever…” (L’Immoraliste 110)

A (personal) recipe for bliss # 555: Z.

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