On Empowerment I: Distinguishing Disempowerment

What do you do to empower yourself? – I’m writing a short series on this topic, because it’s so FUNDAMENTAL to personal growth, development, accomplishment, and fulfillment.

So – first of all, empowerment comes from distinguishing where you’re disempowered. Empowerment is relative to disempowerment, and they both show up at the same time. If you’re out of integrity, you acknowledge it. If you’re out of communication, you recognize it. If you’re feeling bad, you notice it.

The contrast is the most important first step. Wherever you’ve lost something that you value, are missing something that makes a real difference but which isn’t there, you can begin to go to work on it. Which is the empowerment part…but let’s make sure to REALLY get this part of it, first.

Disempowerment is noticing that something isn’t going the way you want something only you can really distinguish, and which only you can take as far as it can be taken. Maybe you’re fine with the scratch on the left back panel of your car (which I am), or maybe you’re at peace with the dirty floor in your kitchen (which I am, but just for now), or maybe you notice that there’s guilt and shame in the pit of your stomach that you’ve been resisting noticing or dealing with for the past two days (I found myself in that space on Tuesday, when I reached out to one of my coaches).

Disempowerment gets distinguished when you realize there’s something wrong with your emotional comportment because you just threw a chair through the back window of the home of someone you love. Disempowerment gets distinguished when you realize YOU MADE UP that that other person’s view of your choices and current situation is something you should judge yourself for. Disempowerment is when you notice that you’re feeling stressed or upset because you’re worried about not finishing that complex work task fast enough.

At least, that’s how I do it.

So you’re noticing that you’re disempowered. What’s next?

More to come soon…

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