So two days ago, it was Avicii – You Make Me (Avicii by Avicii). Both the video AND the song. I discovered it on my way to work. Something about it hit me both emotionally and aesthetically. I wept at the guy struggling with the very Hank Moody-like unending series of women and his desire for the right one, who we find has been there in his apartment (in the ether) the whole time. I’ve listened to it probably three dozen times (it helps that it’s less than three minutes long, fun to drive to, and easy to dance to). This is intense obsession. Like hitting the same pleasure button over and over.

I’m like this. I’ll find a song or a type of thing and it’ll just catch and hold me for a while.

Then there’s spaced obsession. I’ve created a podcast around Star Trek for the same reason, fittingly called Clever Orbits. I just can’t seem to stop, for at least a while. I think if I spent every second of every day on it, I could, but it wouldn’t be the same. So I watch maybe an episode a day, and then spend thirty minutes per week talking about it with some brothers I love.

What’s your obsession?

Recipe for bliss #79: Find what you love, and orbit it incessantly. 

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