What coach does / sexual energy flow / Apokalupsis name origin

Every time I overcome inertia and work to read something new and to do a practice or to notice when I’m in a state that doesn’t work and shift it, or to discover some piece that needs healing and actually embrace working on healing that thing, I am growing as a coach. I am moving not just forward, but higher up vibrationally!
How should sexual energy flow?
I know that when I withhold semen I’m clearer, more motivated. More polarized and turned on by new women, more likely to plug into them energetically and connect…as Steve Mayeda said once, the social and sexual drives might be identical. We might socialize primarily in order to fuck, or (I add) we might enjoy the polarization that draws us to connect and enjoy and experience her FOR ITSELF, similar to what Deida recommends in The Way Of The Superior Man.
Our culture, meanwhile, trains us men to squander and release and lose sexual energy, chasing new women, not knowing that this chi is meant to circulate through our whole body and motivate us and deepen connection and intimacy. The disempowering (and energy-draining, and anti-feminist) propaganda that pornography is…trains us to want to ejaculate above all, reaching into our primal makeup and activating a certain aggressive circuitry of territoriality. Like she’s land or something and claiming her happens with us leaving our semen on her. Sure, there’s also the wish NOT to produce a baby, but that can be done with control over your sexual energy through cobra breath or the million dollar point or other tantric techniques.
Use your sexual energy wisely.

Why Apokalupsis Coaching? BECAUSE it sounds high falutin, academic, esoteric, and foreign. It taps into a root desire of mine – to unveil the world, to make sense of it and to understand it through intellectual striving and study and integration!

However, that may change.

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