CEO, By Any Other Name, On Another Event’s Eve

The bridge of the Enterprise-D is empty, to be purged of a particular type of radiation by a certain energy sweep. Captain Picard is alone, taking a moment in the silence and solitude to gingerly and gently attend to the fine details of his ship, with a subtlety of appreciation and knowingness crossing his face.

As he strokes the wood of the section behind where he usually sits, you see this glimmer of pride in his eyes. He knows this place, this thing that maneuvers under his command, with a delicacy of taste that surpasses what anyone else can bring.

It’s an icon of the modern CEO. The CEO we might take as not just standing over and coordinating the employees and subordinates – indeed, he is bringing a certain unique and personal craftsmanship and artistry to the whole interlocking system of people and policies and plans and organization…the business as the most intricate modern artwork available to humanity. I used to think that title was held by film, but businesses themselves are close competitors in complexity and chaotics.

I find it’s time to bring this love of the tiny tittles, and the giant strokes…to my expression of ALE. Time to release how I’ve been showing up and instead show up as the space where everyone else shows up.

The line from my workshop repeats in my head: “I had a vision. And now, you’re sitting in it.”

Ironically, it’s not merely the auteur at play. It’s the profound listener, the space where everything else shows up…that I get to be, at an ALE event.

Alright, this is enough to dig myself out of the swamp. Time to get to work.

Recipe for Bliss #47: Your business is your artwork, your business is itself your gift to the world.

A side-note: if you’re dealing with overwhelm, just find a way to decompress by placing your attention elsewhere than on the problem(s) and issue(s). That’s what I did, and this article was the fun result.

into the unknown

Coaching, what a fascinating industry.

Transformation unleashes uncertainty as much as clarity. The spaces in the body, the spaces in the mind…that get unleashed and opened and explored…are as wild, free, new, and unmapped as those in the psychedelic experience (in fact, they are often the very same spaces).

Which leads to the issue. In these spaces of uncertainty where who you are in your very being gets unveiled and generated in a conversation, the function of the coach is vital. A sort of Beatrice to the unconscious or subconscious or superconscious, depending on who is speaking.

Each coach has, like Steve Jobs, either a Reality Distortion Field…or a Reality Articulation Field. The most effective model wins. Whether it is the Identity, the Shadow, the True Will, Orgasm, Shen…there are many different maps and overlays for the raw experiences seized upon by the individual in self-discovery.


And it behooves one entering this space, where another (the coach) gets to tell you who you are/what’s “Really” going on…to have a balance between self-assuredness on the one hand (knowing and carving out one’s limits, boundaries, uniqueness, and desires in the face of strong, expertise-equipped personalities)…and also a willingness to learn, which is the very reason you would approach a coach or mentor…because they have a way of being with reality or people…or a way of being in action on that reality (aka a skillset or a distinction set) which makes them have more of what you want than you currently do. Neil Strauss makes a good attempt to articulate the potential pitfalls in the self-healing process in his appendices to The Truth, for example.

In other words, put simply, to quote the Oracle from The Matrix Revolutions: “Make up your own damn mind.”