Recipes for Bliss

So one of my committments here is to share those amazing things I discover that give access to amazing states of being.

Hence, “recipes for bliss.”

Today’s main recipe: Dr. Barry Morguelan ( released these breathing exercises, they’re amazing ways to get energized and ready for action, recovering if you’re tired, and just getting into a state of feeling good.

So my ex girlfriend would just leave them on in the background at her house while doing other things, on the reasoning that anecdotal reports of children and others having them left on in the background produced dramatic behavioral changes, like rambunctious kids settling down.

So I tried it today, camouflaging the exercises (which usually I lay down and close my eyes to follow the visualizations of etc) beneath the tunes of M83. My whole experience changed. I went from exhausted to alert, fuzzy to focused, and brimming with joy.

This was the first time I’ve done more than six hours of those in one day. Very powerful.

So imagine going from that state to a massage by the amazing lady Catherine Pierce!!!

I was suddenly blissful AND present.


Recipe # 3: get present. Get grateful. That’s all you need.

…or Beck’s music. 😉

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