Justice League Mastermind

“We are the sum of our five best friends…and so is our income…” -Kevin Trudeau

These men are my best friends…

I have the exquisite pleasure and superpower of drawing big players  together, connecting them. I create spaces for amazing people to shine beautifully and powerfully, especially together…and I learn from them all! ALE is one such space, here is another.

Arttemis K, Dave B, Kirk M, and myself…trading coaching philosophy, resonating purpose, building our businesses…over delicious Thai food.

Forsan et haec olim meminisse juvabit. Or, to quote Harry Kim, “To the Journey!”i


Recipe for bliss of purpose #4: Take actions that you enjoy that will bring you just a few steps closer to the fulfillment of your highest purpose and mission. In that flow, beauty and joy you can’t imagine will show up. And in these moments, enjoy the journey.


Intricacy, nuance, complexity, and subtlety are what showed up as the possibilities of Dave Burns. Clearly and distinctly.

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