Embarking on another adventure

A lot has shifted, and I find that it has inspired laser-focus. Distractions have faded away as singular hope for and attention on and action towards my results and outcome are what drive me from the first moment of awakening until restful sleep.

When forced to confront your fears, you learn what’s possible, what you’re made out of, and what kinds of actions there really are to take.

Sometimes a house must be burned down before the one you truly want can be built.

For example, if you take feng shui seriously – which was the first and most major accomplishment of my year, finishing the feng shui for my home and car – then be prepared to receive shifts aligned with your intentions and highest good. Even if those shifts are profoundly uncomfortable.

What’s next? EAN IIIEmpowering Austin Now‘s second workshop series was a massive success, so the momentum forward continues. And for me personally, a return to New Orleans this weekend for this event, triumphant and present.

Recipe for Bliss 77: Keep building. Keep working. Keep moving. Consistent steps along your path will inevitably bring you success.

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