Why watch TV?

I still watch TV. It’s something that I go back and forth on. I don’t even have a TV in my house; I use my laptop.

The potentially negative neurological and social impacts, but also how it fits into my flow and makes me feel, how it engages my mind and makes me curious and analytical…all of these feed into the ongoing maybe-yes-maybe-no of it.

Star Trek has been my primary fare for several years now, with the commitment to watch every episode or movie in the in-fictional-universe order.

So why do I still watch? And why specifically this one show?

There’s always a moment of compassion, when the care, concern, friendship, or straight up love of one of the characters for another is on full and resonant display…when my heart creeps open and I can feel them. Whether it’s Spock excited to see the best friend Kirk he thought had died, or Odo inviting Garak to breakfast even though he doesn’t eat, there’s always a moment when the tears well up in my eyes.

These moments re-presence me to my mission here on this planet: to love others through their suffering into their full power and expression. 

In this, it is as powerful as soul gazing. And any practice which opens your heart, to any degree, is definitely worth continuing.



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