The Pipeline – Marketing and Spiritual Growth (reading time: 5-6 minutes)

As my mentor Arttemis Keszainn has often said, entrepreneurship is the single quickest path to healing what’s missing in yourself and moving towards enlightenment and spiritual growth…

I went to bed with frustration and disappointment, a flavor that was transmitting under the surface for a long while without my realizing it and only suddenly put on display by events triggered during the day. It was like an open wound that I wasn’t able to dress properly, still bleeding out…feeling tightness and heat in the top right of my back…and then seeing it manifest in a triptych of dreams, each mirroring that same feeling tone in different ways: a resigned police chief sadly signing my death warrant ahead of time, me witnessing the death of Geordi La Forge and the conquering of the Federation by the Borg to a similar chagrin, and finally, the most revelatory of them all…

I’ve been working on building and filling my marketing Pipeline. Actually consistently taking the actions to make this so has been the most transformative and difficult work of building my coaching business since 2016 when it started, but the most rewarding and the most objectively important. It’s really been my year of learning marketing in a serious way, so far.

The Pipeline goes two ways: it’s *God’s action through me* as much as my reaching out into the world to make more of an impact. Another mentor had wisely observed last year that sales is sacred, but I don’t think I’ve fully understood the truth of it until now. My willingness as a vehicle of grace for others is dependent on my ability to stretch myself and put myself at stake in the world for their sake (and mine – there HAS to be a mutual energetic investment of equal magnitude for a coach and client to really produce results together, and part of the past day was seeing that my respect for what’s possible means I HAVE to hold healthy boundaries around who and how I offer the gift of that coaching and information to). In this way, your gifts become refined through the process of sales and marketing as much as you yourself do. The need to powerfully express those gifts in the world so people choose to take dramatic action on possibilities you highlight in their lives…and to hold a sacred container for them in which to do so (the coaching relationship itself, expressed as profound energetic exchange, usually financial) are equally necessary.

So in the dream, my Pipeline was sturdy but incomplete, and there were two women seated at a table nearby, curious and interested. I was encasing the Pipeline in pretty wrapping paper…but it was incomplete…it wasn’t sealed around the Pipeline properly. But still they were excited to connect with me around it. Which tracks with the traction I’ve gained in the past two weeks.

However, water wasn’t yet flowing easily and effortlessly through it. Like one of those situations where you’re using a hand pump to move water to the surface of a well and if you stop, all the work you did to bring it up goes to naught…so I see that too! Don’t stop.

This is when the feeling tone from above became clear and showed up in other dreams I’ve already mentioned.

How wild that I’ve literally been shown exactly what I needed to see: that my presentation needs work in order to express the full value of what’s available through me, and to not rush that…and also to be with, allow, and heal the feelings that showed up as a hastiness to push a whole product line to market before it was ready…indeed, everything besides my basic coaching, which itself I’ve given the refinements in precise presentation suggested by the dream, now done after hours of journaling and distinguishing.

“Cleaning up your side of the street” (as it were) – or your side of the Pipeline – is the same uncomfortable challenge proffered by Landmark Worldwide when they are motivating their participants to invite new guests: to clean up ENOUGH their own space and energy, to get into OTHER people’s worlds and really SERVE THEM from what they ACTUALLY need, be it within them taking the course itself OR whatever else. Get OUT OF THE WAY enough for God to flow through you in service of others…and go market powerfully!

Finally, seldom has so precisely and singularly a set of song lyrics sung so perfectly as an expression of the revolution I’ve been experiencing in consciousness as this – and wonder of wonders, this song itself was also served up by my subconscious the moment I awoke.

God really does speak in a still small voice with subtlety in dreams and songs. How magical!

Now, back to that work of cleaning up my side of the street…

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