I’m Louis Brantmeyer. I have thousands of hours of reading, practicing, working, and transforming myself both intellectually and holistically to achieve more of what I desire in my life. I’m a philosophical, existential, physical, emotional, and spiritual test bed with a burning desire to be the best human being I can be, and to turn around as a coach and offer that to the world and specifically to my clients.

The intention of this blog is to document, capture, express, and share my thoughts, experiences, and self-expression for the purposes of uplifting, engaging, and empowering the resonant people who might want to listen to or work with me, as well as my own enjoyment and pleasure.

I’ll aim at philosophy, empowerment in all its varieties, Star Trek, enterprenurship, and whatever else suits my fancy in the moment. Thank you for reading.



“But how pale the phrases became, alas, in the face of action! Was not Menalque’s life, his slightest gesture, a thousand times more eloquent than my learning? How well then I understood that almost every ethical teaching of the great philosophers of antiquity was a teaching by example as much as-even more than-by words!” (L’Immoraliste 100-101)